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The Intersection of Civil Legal Justice and the Wellbeing Blueprint

Check out the latest companion resource to the Wellbeing Blueprint: Justice Determinants of Wellbeing by Sandra Ambrozy, Senior Fellow at the Full Frame Initiative. It’s must-read and must-share for anyone involved in pushing the civil legal system to a civil justice system that’s rooted in wellbeing.

“While the civil legal system touches the lives of every person in the United States and cuts across multiple systems, it operates in its own siloed “cylinder of excellence.” This system also has an outsized impact on wellbeing as access to meaningful civil legal support helps people prevent eviction, fight job discrimination, secure custody of their children and get healthcare.

In this webinar, Sandra Ambrozy discusses how the Wellbeing Blueprint is providing a platform to transform and connect the civil legal system with other systems to advance a justice (vs. legal) system and accelerate wellbeing.

This event recording is available on our Wellbeing Blueprint website. Click the button below to access the webinar recording.

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