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We partner for change

Full Frame Initiative (FFI) and our partners work together to advance structural change, shift mental models and solve problems through a wellbeing orientation. Together, we and our partners bring deep knowledge, expertise and commitment to make our North Star a reality. We work with a diverse range of partners from large government systems to grassroots community groups to nonprofits.

Regardless of the sector, we aim to partner with changemakers who share our North Star. If you’d like to explore a partnership, contact us. We’d love to have an exploratory conversation.

Partner With Us

We build unlikely alliances

FFI cultivates a growing national alliance of changemakers, community leaders and experts in the field who are driving transformation in their communities. We design, facilitate and support communities of practice who are reimagining what’s possible for their systems. We also form networks of leaders across the country who are taking action toward a fair shot at wellbeing – including our community of signers to the Wellbeing Blueprint. Anyone can join a community driving long-term, structural transformation.

We show what’s possible

FFI lifts up stories and data to demonstrate what feels extraordinary today can become the norm tomorrow. We partner with communities, organizations and individuals across the country and show what’s possible through case studies, webinars and our Wellbeing in Action map. We invite you to view the map or share an example to help us recognize visionaries who are advancing wellbeing and equity.

We share tools for change