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Are you short on time, but high on aspirations to change systems? The Wellbeing Bootcamp will give you a taste of what it takes to re-imagine systems and create change. You will leave understanding what problems show up in your system and where you can dig in to shift culture, structures and practices in your community. Throughout the course, you’ll get to know concepts essential to systems change and wellbeing through a mix of short engaging videos, reflection questions, tools and more. It will culminate in a plan for moving your aspirations forward.

Why You Should Try This

The Wellbeing Bootcamp is for anyone who:

  • Believes that our current systems don’t work and wants to explore how things can be done differently
  • Is jazzed about centering on wellbeing and wants to use this to share what they know with others
  • Wants a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing

Let’s Get Started

Get to know the Wellbeing Bootcamp in whichever format works best for you:

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On the web

Explore the Wellbeing Bootcamp on the web -- it takes about an hour to complete all the exercises, which you can do in one sitting or multiple visits.

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In a weekly email

Sign up to receive the Wellbeing Bootcamp in bite-sized chunks with our 10-week email series. You'll receive a short email each week with one key concept to explore.