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We Need Change

The Wellbeing Blueprint is a community, a roadmap and a movement to build a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing. More than 200 organizations and community leaders have signed on to change our systems and our country as co-owners of the Wellbeing Blueprint. Signers have the opportunity to:

  • Build their networks through connections to innovators and changemakers across the country.
  • Deepen learning with access to tools, resources, webinars, calls and learning communities.
  • Amplify their work and build support through a national platform.
  • Bring about change by advancing policy shifts and projects that get us closer to a country where everyone has a fair shot.


Our Blueprint for Change

The Wellbeing Blueprint is our roadmap for building a country where everyone has a fairshot at wellbeing. Our drive for wellbeing is universal, but our access to wellbeing is not. American systems are fundamentally unfair. We focus the change where it belongs: on the systems themselves, not the people caught up in them. Download the full Blueprint, along with our discussion guide and resources, to help create systems where every person can thrive.


Wellbeing in Action

Communities, organizations and individuals across the country are already advancing structural change so everyone has a fair shot. The Wellbeing in Action map captures innovations and examples by location, issue area and Wellbeing Blueprint principles. See what’s possible or share an example to help us recognize visionaries across the country who are advancing wellbeing and equity.