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The Community Bill of Rights

Full Frame Initiative partnered with community leaders to develop the Community Bill of Rights. This resource serves as a guide for government systems, philanthropy and nonprofits to center community, shift power and heal systemic harms.

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What would it look like for government systems, philanthropy and nonprofits to meaningfully and responsibly engage with community?

Community leaders across nine states have partnered with the Full Frame Initiative to develop the Community Bill of Rights — a starting point for centering community, shifting power and healing systemic harms.

For too long, communities have endured harms at the hands of government systems, philanthropy and nonprofits. Even institutions claiming to value community input can be extractive, disrespectful and tokenizing. It’s time to shift the paradigm by holding our systems accountable and guiding holistic community engagement.

Download the Community Bill of Rights to:

  • Learn the eight principles for making centering community a new best practice
  • Review action steps that guide philanthropy and government leaders
  • Understand how centering community can begin to remedy broken systems and heal past harms


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