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Engagement Discovery Kit

Rethink how you engage with others and center wellbeing with this kit designed for organizations and individuals who are interested in revamping intakes, assessment and engagement processes.

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Have you been wondering:

  • How can I shift a traditional intake or assessment process to be more about co-creation and co-assessment?
  • How can I design my interactions to center on the whole person?
  • How can I orient my approach to communities’ assets and strengths?

This discovery kit was built from the combined experience and knowledge of the Wellbeing Blueprint Signers Community, Missouri Alliance for Children and Families and the Full Frame Initiative. It will help you uncover where you or your organization is supporting or getting in the way of focusing on wellbeing in interactions.

In it you will find:

  • A description of essential principles and what is necessary for wellbeing-centered engagement
  • Concrete tools and examples to support you in revamping your processes
  • Guidance for supervisors who want to support staff in wellbeing-centered engagement

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