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Adjusting Case Plans in Response to the Pandemic: A Guide and Self-Assessment

This guide and self-assessment tool for adjusting case plans was developed in March 2020 in response to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes, in our quest to address immediate needs and crises, we inadvertently put into place processes, practices and plans that are harmful in the long term. Being systemic and timely in our approach will creat plan adjustments that support wellbeing.

We believe that a version of this tool may continue to be useful moving forward, as there may continue to be unaddressed areas that force tradeoffs; as the pandemic continues, there may be additional stay-at-home orders or other constraints, with more and more families affected who need case plans adjusted; and, depending on what happens with schools in the fall, case plans may need to be reviewed again.

Even though ad hoc case plan adjustments have no doubt been made in March and April, it is worth revisiting to ensure they are supporting equity and wellbeing. Our best efforts can result in unanticipated unsustained tradeoffs. The more we can catch those early, the better for youth and families.

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