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Contracting for Transformation Toolkit

Our toolkit provides guidance for making procurement processes more equitable, and tangible tools for practical use such as score guides and questions for bidders.

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How can governments and systems tackle systemic problems?

One opportunity is to change the procurement process to shift how funding reaches individuals and communities. When bidders are rewarded for telling stories about saving broken people, we get more programs, rules and processes that perpetuate inequities. Designing procurement to focus on wellbeing can change how our systems operate and direct funds to bidders who are doing transformational work.

Want to learn how you can apply this to your system? Our toolkit will provide you with:

  • Six principles for making procurement more equitable.
  • Tangible tools, such as questions to pose to bidders and scoring guides.
  • Examples of what equitable procurement processes can look like.

Although originally designed for human services, Contracting Transformation has applications across diverse fields including the built environment, healthcare, justice systems and more.

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