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Centering Community: Shifting Power & Relationships

Three leaders driving change in their communities and systems discuss what it means to center community in ways that recognize, respect and authentically engage people, knowledge and power. Panelists share what this looks like when done well and the common mistakes systems and organizations make when trying to engage community voice.

This event’s featured speakers:

  • Jeannette Bocanegra, Executive Director at Justice for Families
  • José Faus, Independent Artist
  • Josefa Scherer, MPH, Supervisor for the Adult Protective Services (APS) program at LifePath

In this webinar recording, our speakers pull back the curtain on a system that too often undermines the wellbeing of responders, telecommunicators and people facing emergencies to illuminate what a wellbeing-oriented emergency response system might look like.

This event recording is available on our Wellbeing Blueprint website. Click the button below to access the webinar recording.

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