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How to sustain youth & family wellbeing in the JJ system during the COVID-19 crisis

All people are hardwired for wellbeing — the needs and experiences universally required in combination and balance to weather challenges and have health and hope. Our access to wellbeing is particularly crucial during stress and times of change. Young people in the juvenile justice system face unique challenges with the COVID-19 crisis. Quarantines, social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements that restrict family engagement and disrupt routines can add to the stress of youth who are in custody and their families. Using the Five Domains of Wellbeing framework, this resource provides strategies and examples for juvenile justice leaders and staff to support and sustain youth wellbeing during this time of crisis.


The system is rigged, and the solution isn’t just to create more programs for people harmed by these unfair systems. The solution is to reimagine these systems to make our country fairer and more equitable for everyone — which means ensuring that the places where we work, live, play and pray tap into people’s drive for wellbeing, instead of undermining wellbeing for some and enabling it for others.

That’s what we do.