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Introducing the Community Bill of Rights

Join leaders across the country as we unveil the Community Bill of Rights – a starting place for remedying broken systems by centering what truly matters to communities. 

For too long, communities have endured harms at the hands of government systems, philanthropy and nonprofits. Even institutions claiming to value community input can be extractive, disrespectful and tokenizing. It’s time to shift the paradigm by holding our systems accountable and guiding holistic community engagement. 

On November 7, 2022, join us to engage with the Community Bill of Rights, meet the coauthors and learn about actions to take. 


The system is rigged, and the solution isn’t just to create more programs for people harmed by these unfair systems. The solution is to reimagine these systems to make our country fairer and more equitable for everyone — which means ensuring that the places where we work, live, play and pray tap into people’s drive for wellbeing, instead of undermining wellbeing for some and enabling it for others.

That’s what we do.