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Centering Community

Centering community means those closest to harm get to determine the priorities for change, and be at the forefront of that change. Too often traditional community engagement methods — like surveys, focus groups, formal convenings, and panels with community representation — aim at making the system, organization, and program work better instead of prioritizing the people they affect.

But what if community engagement was reimagined, and recognized the strengths and assets that exist within communities facing challenges?

FFI will be working with community stakeholders to create a working definition of centering community, as well as tips for leaders to engage communities through a process that centers their power and voice.

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Centering Community: Shifting Power & Relationships

The Wellbeing Blueprint event from December 2020 focused on centering community with three leaders driving change in their communities and systems. Speakers shared what centering community means to them, what it looks like when done well, and what are some of the common mistakes systems and organizations make that contradict centering community.

Centering Community: Download Our Summary

Three leaders driving change in their communities offer their perspectives on how to center community while driving systems change. Download our PDF to learn more about how to put these recommendations into action.



The system is rigged, and the solution isn’t just to create more programs for people harmed by these unfair systems. The solution is to reimagine these systems to make our country fairer and more equitable for everyone — which means ensuring that the places where we work, live, play and pray tap into people’s drive for wellbeing, instead of undermining wellbeing for some and enabling it for others.

That’s what we do.