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Board Announcement

FFI is in the strongest position we’ve been in, maybe ever. We have an exemplary track record and a national network of partners and allies who are every bit as extraordinary and diverse as our staff and fellows. We maintain and have further amplified our commitment to reaching beyond our grasp. We have a strong balance sheet, a mission that speaks to the moment and more demand than we can manage. 

The work deserves a board that is representative of and connected to the work that lies ahead. 

With returning founding board member Miki Akimoto at the helm as our Acting Chair through June of this year, FFI is recruiting a new team of national leaders. As we begin this work, we’re grateful to John Kania, our outgoing Chair, who stepped off the Board in November 2021 after six years of service that helped bring FFI to where it is today. 

This next-generation board (keep reading to find out who they are because they’re amazing) will work with our partners and allies over the next three years to create a long-term governance structure that truly reflects our commitment to the values that have guided our work on the ground. While upholding all the legal duties required of us, we’re going to examine and boldly re-think the many habits of boards that aren’t part of what’s required, and may do harm. Our commitment to living into our movement’s values includes: 

  • Power-shifting and power-sharing. Real power lies in the ability to frame or reframe the issues we face. We need a Board that listens to our partners in community, public agencies, and our staff and responds in real-time to their emergent needs. 
  • Strategic thinking combined with nimble action. We need a Board that can pivot and shift with us as quickly as the national context that guides our work. 
  • Leveraging the power of networks. We’re building a country where everyone has a fair shot at wellbeing. We can’t do it alone. Our board will plug into our growing network, bringing their connections in to strengthen our collective efforts and contribute actively to our ecosystem of change. 
  • Rooting out artifacts of white supremacy that have no place in our movement. Living into our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization is not just for our staff. The board will expand on FFI’s racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion work by intentionally examining the inherited traditions of the nonprofit governance model and selecting against the structures that serve to protect whiteness.   
  • Centering the experience and expertise of communities most impacted by systemic harms. For too long, FFI’s board has not been sufficiently reflective of the communities closest to the harms of systems. Our commitment is to recruit and retain a truly diverse board on every dimension, including race, age, ability, gender expression, economic status, and more. 

And that’s just scratching the surface of what our transitional board will do together.  

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to see where this new phase brings us. Stay tuned for periodic updates on this work. We’re proud to welcome these leaders to the team! Learn more about our board here.


The system is rigged, and the solution isn’t just to create more programs for people harmed by these unfair systems. The solution is to reimagine these systems to make our country fairer and more equitable for everyone — which means ensuring that the places where we work, live, play and pray tap into people’s drive for wellbeing, instead of undermining wellbeing for some and enabling it for others.

That’s what we do.